Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Caution: Memetic Hazard 1

Meme, anyone familiar with the term probably knows it from it's plethora of incarnations on the internet. The number and evolution of memes is said to be a study in how biological beings evolve. The strong survive, the weak die off. Not all memes are bad, but many are destroying our society, we'll be covering the bad ones.

But first a lesson.
Now that that's done.

Motivators or more commonly demotivators.

Initially a simple encouragement tool for office workers, used to cheaply fill wallspace in otherwise barren offices, it's transformed by the fickle and often crazed minds that inhabit the internet. The idea is simple; a picture, a title, and a small statement about the picture or title. the whole thing should motivate, or enlighten, however the images are often of an offensive, erotic or just simply weird origin and are ment to confuse, anger, arouse, and sometimes more than one.

And that's the problem with this meme. Abuse. Speaking of the abuse you can make your own. Go here.
Congratulations, you're part of the Meme now. For good or for bad, welcome to the internet, it's not likely the first meme you've encountered but this is one of the more common and when topical can be entertaining to read thru a few dozen at a time of the thousands out there on the internet.

NEXT TIME: another memetic hazard and possibly a few lessons on keeping yourself from perpetuating them.

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