Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Games and Gaming 2: Tuesday Maintenence 1

Ok, it's Tuesday, and for most people this means 8(or more) hours of notbeing able to play their crack simulation game.

Mine is World of Warcrack... Warcraft, sorry.

So the things come down to what to spend this time doing.

You could whine and complain and not understand timezones on the Worldofwarcraft.com forums.
But that will only get you laughed at and people will make fun of you.

You could try, every 4 seconds that the server is off, to sign onto the game. But that's about as frustrating trying to milk your cat, but at least there will be less scaring.

The most common advice given, for something to spend the time on is taking a shower, and sleeping. Because as a MMO gamer we are all unwashed red-eyed freaks. Only some of are.

I myself, will spend this Tuesday Maintenance, catching up on DRVed shows, a few episodes of anime(7-12 of Kanon, two hours), and end by playing some video game(probably Megaman 9 or Eternal Sonata).

After all that, I'll log on and work on the holiday event achievements(only 3 left, stupid PvP)

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