Friday, January 2, 2009

Steam and Strategy 1: The Set Up

This is the first in what should be a LARGE number of posts in a goal oriented drive to the completion of a conversion of the Goodman Games Dragonmech setting.

"Medieval fantasy mechs powered by steam, magic, or the labor of a thousand slaves..." -Joseph Goodman

This project is being spawned by my New Years Resolution. And one of the easiest ways to keep New Years Resolution is to have a plan and a schedule. So, deadlines!

1 year, 12 months, 365 days. So much work so little time.

4 new(80-100 powers each), 2 variants(20-30 powers each) 36-40 weeks

60-80 feats 3-4 weeks

Gnome 1-2 weeks
Converting 4E races to setting 1-2 weeks

Rituals 1-2 weeks
Magic Items 1-2 weeks
Mechs 2-4 weeks
Monsters 2-4 weeks
Steam powers 2-4 weeks
Adventure! 4-8 weeks

Setting work(ongoing)
Gather Art (ongoing)
PDF Construction (ongoing)
Editing (ongoing, heavy in final months)

Well that's about right, heavy work to be done. Lot's of reading, rereading and compromise to do. And a lot of it will be done back and forth amongst the categories.


Ken Hart said...

Good man! I set up a Google alert for any "Goodman Games" references and came across your blog. As an admittedly biased fan of the DragonMech setting, I'm eager to see how this develops!

Brian Lestrouxe said...

Wow was not expecting people to pick up on it so quickly. Amazing things happen everyday! Hope you enjoy the content as I shove it out the door.