Friday, October 29, 2010

Creativity strikes!

I've been in a funk off and on for a while, but lately I've been feeling extra creative, so I'm trying to apply it to useful things. Aimless writing a little plus and working on things for my D&D game(and upcoming Darksun game) has really worked up my mind so I'm getting back into the Dragonmech conversion that I've been trying to put together.

In other news, I still can't draw so my comic idea hasn't gone anywhere. So if you're an artist and willing to work for free until it sells or becomes super popular on the internet, drop me a line! Otherwise I'm looking into self publishing, got a few ideas for game aids I'd like to get out and try to get payed a bit for them. I'll probably be previewing some of the ideas see how people like them.

And the random quote thing at the top will be improved here in a while... I need to scrounge up some good ones. I'll likely steal quite a few from,

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