Monday, February 23, 2009

AHH! Stupid Laundry!

So, I'm cleaning up my room which mostly entails doing laundry. I switch a load from washer to dryer I hear a *clink* as something falls out of a pocket, it's my precious thumb drive, with all sorts of things that I'm constantly tinkering on. It went thru the washer.... AHHH!

It'll take a bit to get thru it to make sure nothing was damaged.

Cause there was a lot of things on the drive including my dragonmech conversions, rituals I'm working on to submit for the "Book of Rituals" from goodman games, home campaign write up and notes, short stories and ideas that I've been a bit lazy to write or finish.

Here's hoping it comes out well. Solid state memory don't fail me now!

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