Friday, March 20, 2015

Combat Basics

Combat is fairly straight forward! 

Attack: Make a roll based on a normal stat.

Most melee weapons = Body
Most ranged weapons = Speed
Most spells = Mind

You're looking for umber of successes compared to the targets Defense.

Defense is the number of successes required to hit a creature or object, it will usually range from 0 to 2, only very powerful monsters will have a 3 or higher defense. 

Damage is done based on the roll against them, if it meets or exceeds the defense. The total of the roll is applied as the damage.  The one exception on that is if the target has a defense of 0, in that case target takes half damage unless at least one success is rolled.

Then Armor is applied, Make a roll versus the armor value that a character has if any, and remove the total of the successes from the damage.

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