Thursday, March 12, 2015

Unemployment, Time, and Gaming.

I've been unemployed for just about a month and a half now, and I'm starting to implode mentally.  Job hunting is draining. Finding new ways to waste time is annoying. I don't even get joy out of this that once fueled me, books movies and games seem like a waste of time.

I have to keep busy though, depression isn't helpful.

I've decided that since I'm usually at my computer anyway, I should work on the game system I've had rattling around in my head.  I had previously been working on a 4E update for Dragonmech, and a game system based on a deck of cards built for each player.  Neither went off spectacularly, due to lack of interest or implementation.

So, I'll be working on this new idea, my goals at the moment are to get ideas down on the blog daily.  The more updates the better. So let me discuss some of the basic tenants of the idea, I've worked out so far.

3 stats
     Body, Speed, Mind
     Things will be composed of four sub parts. Races, Classes...ect.
Tolkien can rot!
     The game is not set in rural New Zealand or medieval England, with the most common of fantasy tropes.
d12's are golden!
     D12's are rarely used, I think that's a shame.
Magic items are awesome!
     Seriously, magic items are quest rewards not treasure just pulled off random corpses. They have powers to be unlocked, histories, and stories. There is no such thing as a generic +1 sword.

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